MFRC Children's Services (Full time 6:45am – 5:15pm)
For children aged:       Military/Defence Team        Civilian
0-19 months                $700                                        $800
19-72 months              $700                                        $785

​There will be a one-time non-refundable $50.00 processing fee charged when enrolling a child into the MFRC Children's Services.

Procedures For Fee Processing
Parents will be informed of processing fee at initial contract whether it be email, telephone or person.
Credit card, and debit payments will be accepted at the front office of the MFRC between the hours of 8h30-16h30 Monday to Friday. Child/ren will not be placed into care until payment has been received.

Monthly Fees
MFRC Children's Services is a non-profit organization.  In the daycare centre, the parent fees pay the expenses to provide the childcare space for the child.  The daycare budget is prepared for one full year and the costs assessed to the parent in 12 monthly payments.  It is expected that your child may not attend for a holiday period over Christmas or the summer holiday time.  This has already been taken into account when setting the fees for the entire year.  Therefore, fees are not reduced in December or over the summer. Fees remain in effect regardless of absences due to illness or vacation.

Interested in learning more? Download our Parent Handbook! 

Monthly Calendar of Activities